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A breath of fresh investment savings
In Israel, when it comes to investing in savings funds, the path is filled with fax machines, in-person meetings, and long jargony contracts. That’s so 10 years ago.

Enter Slice, the company that came to disrupt & digitize this process. Slice makes building a portfolio of multiple savings funds a breeze.

Slice partnered with us to create a fresh brand identity that sets them apart from the old world of Israeli finance. We also built a deep onboarding flow, from scratch, that takes the pain out of picking savings funds. Fax-free.
The brand
Slice’s brand is fresh, confident, and communicates at eye-level. These traits lift it above the outdated world of Israeli finance, and help it grab the attention of its target audience: millennials who are new to personal finance, and expect easy, digital experiences.

At the heart of the brand are the investment tracks. We designed game-like mini worlds for each track that portray the endless possibility of the future (if you invest!). These mini worlds fit together like puzzle pieces to generate new worlds, in the same way Slice lets you mix and match financial products in your portfolio.

Geometry and math give a sense of calculation and security. And Slice’s name & logo are nods to pie charts, calling customers to come invest in their own slice of the pie.
Illustration of colorful chess game
Hand holding iPhone with slice app on screen
Large TV in the middle on an office wall showing 3d slice element on screen
The website
On Slice’s website, we present the many savings tracks in a way that’s engaging, exciting, and painless. Each track comes with its own story: a fantastic animated world, paired with a punchy hero message.

Animations are placed strategically around the site that show potential customers the simplicity and ease of the platform – even for first-time investors.

And while other websites in the category opt for stock images and muted colors to express seriousness and safety, we flipped the script. Bold colors and animations bring a breath of fresh air befitting a disruptive fintech firm.
iPad showing Slice’s website on screen
Small and colorful Slice’s illustrations
The onboarding
Instead of fax machines and stacks of paper, Slice lets you onboard digitally and easily to its savings tracks. But making this possible was no simple feat, because Slice offers tens of savings tracks, each with its own maze of legal requirements.

We worked with Slice to parse the mazes, map the logic, and build its onboarding system from the ground up. And we made sure onboarding feels fun and light, with surprising animations and witty copy to keep customers going.
Open laptop shows on screen Slice website
A close up look on iPhone with slices icon’s app on screen
A Slice postcard laying on green leaves
Two legs wearing silver rollers shoes and high socks with colorful Slice’s illustrations
White paper bag with colorful Slice’s illustrations and Slice logo on the middle
Piece of layers cake on light blue plate