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Bringing your next luxury home to life, digitally
"Why's the kitchen so small?"
"Why is the entrance so awkward?"
"Why didn't they think about light here?"
We’ve all asked questions like this when checking out a new apartment.

But not RMA’s apartments. RMA is the rare real estate companies that thinks about every single detail, with the future tenants – the people – in mind.

However, for RMA, showing off the deep, valuable thought behind their apartments was a challenge. Just sending blueprints to apartment hunters wasn’t enough.

RMA approached us to crack the problem. To do it, we ideated, designed, and developed 50+ mini-sites for each RMA apartment, showing off every nuanced nook, every conceptual cranny, and all the smarts with simplicity and accuracy. Each mini-site is relaxed, young, super Tel-Avivi, and peppered with animations that set RMA way apart from the typical real estate stock photos of blond families with dogs.

With our mini-sites, we helped people see that buying an RMA apartment isn’t just buying a place to live – it’s buying a unique piece of thoughtful design.