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Giving a company that listens its very own voice
In an age where everyone’s got attention deficit issues, one company is here to listen – really, truly listen.

Record builds powerful tools that help businesses listen to their customers to get clarity on what’s working, and what’s not.

So we perked up our ears and listened, too – to Record. After research and strategy work, Guts Agency created a visual identity that commands whatever attention you have left in 2023.
Record’s new logo evokes customer feedback, and the soundwave motif shows listening as Record’s DNA. We peppered black and white human photography throughout the brand to represent that anybody can – and should – be heard.

We put it all together with animations for a fresh new Record website.
The survey
How to design a really smart digital survey with exposure to millions of people that should answer really quickly and don't hate you at the end with Smart Ux and UI for high submission rate – UX and UI and intuivite and good copy friendly – the meaning is, the business – big retail chain – can benefit because CSAT  – to improve their own customer experience, and if you do it good, maybe people will answer you and you can improve your business.