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Connecting the dots of autoimmune disease
Diagnosing autoimmune diseases is notoriously difficult. Predicta Med is here to change that. Their platform uses unique deep learning techniques to identify patients at risk for autoimmune diseases, so that medical teams can intervene earlier.

We partnered with visionary founder Shlomit Steinberg-Koch to pave a digital presence for Predicta Med and update their dashboard for medical teams.
The brand
We created a tailor-made visual language and identity that tells the story of connecting the dots of undiagnosed autoimmune diseases.

Predicta Med can take huge amounts of complex patient data, and pull out only the important information: who is likely to be sick. We wanted to reflect this idea of “simplifying the complex” visually, by using lines & dots – the simplest elements – to show how tons of data become untangled and streamlined teal and pink colors signify a hopeful future where autoimmune patients can finally understand and treat their disease.
The dashboard
We gave Predicta Med’s dashboard a redesign to keep it as inspiring and hopeful as the future they offer millions of patients worldwide – all while keeping it simple and clean.