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Clear skies for
Google Cloud
A new Google Cloud region has landed in Israel, and with it, improved latency, capacity & performance for Israeli cloud users.

To celebrate and spread awareness, we created an exciting, nation-wide campaign with the message that all Israeli companies can now grow on Google Cloud in ways that were once only possible for tech companies.

The campaign has it all: witty 3D creatives, smart copy, animation, and a huge, fun map of Israel. All impeccably on-brand, and all symbolizing the amazing benefits of Google's cloud in ads, social posts, and billboards across the nation.

Special thanks to Replica Works.
The map
Each new Google Cloud region launches with a 3D map that celebrates that region’s culture.

But making Israel’s map was particularly challenging: How do we pick elements without stirring controversy for the tech giant?

For our map, we brainstormed elements that are witty and Israeli, while avoiding religion, politics, and ideology. The result is a map that is truly Israeli, and super Googley – all at once.
The animations
We ideated, created, and animated 3D symbols, each representing one of Google Cloud’s core campaign messages.

For example, take the message that “Google Cloud helps you solve problems with smart data.” To illustrate this, we animated a giant, stuffed pita – the ultimate messy problem solver for hunger on the go.