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Giving a visionary idea the bold representation it deserves
Around the world, a lack of skilled eye surgeons leaves millions of people waiting indefinitely for treatment. For these people, poor vision and limited access to surgical eye care is just the way it is. But ForSight Robotics sees it differently. Their robotic platform, HIRO™, can bring ophthalmic surgery to the masses without the need for human hands, and prevent blindness.

Inspired by futuristic surgical environments and bold spherical interpretations of a robotic eye, we crafted a visual language and website that manage to be both sharply intelligent and radically imaginative – just like the team at ForSight Robotics that they represent.
The website
ForSight gave us full creative freedom over their visual identity. Armed with only their logo, we defined and crafted a full visual language system to raise their brand up to a whole different level.

A bold vision of changing the world deserves to be presented in an equally bold and motivating way. We took inspiration from futurism, robotics, orbs & the oculus.

We researched eye surgeries and learned that surgeons peel back layers of the eye to access the target structures. This inspired us to use layered imagery as a common motif.

From these ideas, we created a website featuring rich metallic 3D models, and a unique scrolling experience that engages the reader and invites them to participate in ForSight’s visionary future.
Investor pitch & brand development
ForSight came to us to write and design their investor pitch. We designed each slide as a world of its own, designed in a unique and meticulous way, with infographics, smart representation of ideas, and light animations.

The presentation brought them huge success in a round of investment, and soon ForSight wanted more.

We believe it’s just as important for a company to express itself internally as it is for them to express outwardly. So we took ForSight’s new visual system a step further and designed unique pieces and mini exhibits for their offices and a branded welcome kit for new employees.

Special thanks to So Very studio