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Bringing fair finance to the masses
There’s a reason casual investors in Israel tend to be older, wealthier, and come from privilege. To invest in financial products like mutual funds, you need to go through big banks and insurance companies, absorb hidden fees, and navigate a confusing and dated system. What’s more, you’ll need a minimum amount of money to open an account. Now that’s unfair.

The company Fair dreamt of a world where investing in mutual funds is simple, fair, transparent, and for everyone.

We were fundamental partners in Fair’s story. They came with the idea, but gave us total professional and artistic freedom to bring the brand, product, and user experience to life.
The brand
To invest in mutual funds in Israel, you must maneuver through obstacles like conflicts of interest & hidden fees – a far cry from the digital, barrier-free experience that people expect in the 2020s.

That’s why the brand identity we built positions Fair as the opposite of the status quo: Fair is here to simplify processes, amplify the voice of the customer, and to make finance fair for all.

The company’s tone of voice is uncomplicated, smooth, and speaks like a human does, unlike the confusing and cunning voice of old-guard financial corporations. What you see is what you get – no fine print.

Visually, we were inspired by Pong, a game so simple your grandma’s grandma could play it. Like Pong, Fair’s logo is a block and a ball, but the block also represents a line that separates fair from unfair. Cross the line to enter a better, alternative world of finance.

The block and ball are Fair’s mascot. They pop up throughout the user’s journey to help them make choices and guide them to invest easily. Pink represents a bright, beautiful future, while orange stands for earnings.
The brand
We created Fair’s mutual fund marketplace from scratch, guided by the belief that investing should be easy, and for all.

The marketplace system consists of 3 parts: a simplified onboarding flow, which replaces the confusing bank documents and agent meetings of the past; the marketplace itself, where you can find, compare, and invest in the hundreds of mutual funds; and the portfolio, where you can track your investments.

We built the system for both mobile and web, and imbued it with Fair’s bright, cheerful brand identity. As the user interacts with the system, Fair’s block and ball appear to guide them along the way, buying a share or reaching other milestones will trigger surprising and delightful animations that keep users excited and engaged.

The result is a system that levels the playing field, and lets anyone invest.