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Overcoming the built-to-break trend with Dofinity
Dofinity is the tech-first agency that turns their clients' most visionary ideas into reality. Whether it's leveraging AI to fill in their org's gaps, creating cutting-edge websites, or guiding teams through agile transformations, Dofinity takes pride in doing things a bit differently.

They came to us with something only the most self-aware agencies know: that being a client can suck. We helped them turn this insight into an inspiring, differentiating brand story and an accompanying visual identity.
The Strategy
Let's face it. Being a client for an agency can suck: false promises and poor communication lead to an experience – and deliverables – that are built to break. But in a world where so much is built to break, Dofinity is the agency that builds to last.

"Built to last" is Dofinity's brand story. It means classic over trendy. Care over rush. Honesty over false promises – even when that honesty is harsh. The brand is rounded out by its messaging pillars: that Dofinity has that "impossible mix of technology, creativity, and the right people" needed to build that way.
Visual Identity
We opted for big, bold typography, and solid shapes, to represent "built to last". And we avoided the emerging trends of 2020s branding, like curly serifs and 3D blobs, in favor of more classic elements and colors that feel weathered with time.

Visually, we wanted to strike that impossible mix that sets Dofinity apart: solid and reliable on the one hand, human and creative on the other.
Web design
We planned, designed, and wrote a custom website that tells Dofinity's new "built to last" story in an exciting and bold way.

And with a gutsy social media kit and brand book, we made sure Dofinity's future messaging and content stay true to story.