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Branding the dev tool that generates meaningful tests for busy devs
Today, AI lets us do things in minutes that once took hours, and that includes writing code. But more AI-generated code means writing more test cases to make sure all that code works as we meant it to. And that’s hard, frustrating, time-consuming work that devs just don’t have time for.

Enter CodiumAI, the startup that uses AI to generate meaningful tests for developers, right inside their IDE. CodiumAI empowers devs write code that works exactly the way they meant it to.

Guts Agency dove deep into the worlds of AI & ML, test-writing, and developer pains to brand CodiumAI’s first dev tool.
Through surveys and interviews with developers, we learned that they want all of the yum that comes from writing good tests, without all the yuck of actually writing them.

So in our brand strategy, we positioned CodiumAI as the ‘understanding’ company. That means both understanding the deeper meaning behind code, as well as the developer and their frustration around test-writing.

Visually, we conveyed this idea through floating glass disks, each with distorted code inside. With CodiumAI, these disks align to reveal the code’s deeper meaning. Suddenly, developers feel clarity and understanding where there was once distortion and uncertainty.
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