Brand identity   ・   UX/UI   ・   Website
Brand identity   ・   UX/UI   ・   Website
Auto-magical productivity for email
A brilliant idea: Build an AI platform that turns your endless emails and messy inbox into an easy, organized list of tasks.

The team at Brilliant partnered with Guts to lead the way. We ideated their product, built its UX/UI, created a fresh new brand, and produced a unique attention-grabbing website.

Now, Brilliant is poised to change how we work forever.
Our process
Today, AI does so much for us. So why can’t it manage our email inboxes for us?

Our client asked us to help him disrupt email for people who are too busy to deal with it. We dove into the pain of a busy corporate employee to understand how AI could best assist them.

Then, in a 2 week sprint, we devised AI engines that could solve this pain. Among them: an engine that scans emails for action items; one that identifies meeting requests in emails; and an engine that, given a set of tasks, prioritizes them automatically.

We shipped these engine concepts out to development, and started work on Brilliant’s UX/UI, brand, and website.
Brilliant’s engine scans emails, identifies any potential tasks, and adds them to a smart task feed for you.
Brilliant spots meeting requests automatically & displays them in the calendar – all you have to do is click “Save”.
With Brilliant, tasks are automatically prioritized, so your effort is spent smarter.
The brand
Brilliant turns messy and stressy inboxes into easy, organized tasks. So we wanted to infuse its brand with the feeling of ‘light & easy’.

The Brilliant wordmark features parallel lines and dots, which reference the platform’s task feed.

Illustrations pair stressful chaos with easy relaxation – showing life before Brilliant, and life after.

And language like ‘auto-magical’, ‘work hard, relax harder’, and ‘me time’ add playfulness.
Brilliant icon app and next to it On the screen of the iPhone is a sale advertisement with some 3D elements extending from it
Several illustrations are flying above a woman in a meditation position
Men driving on bicycles on thin wire and doing juggling with 4 illustrations elements
Colorful to-go cup of coffee on a sidewalk An open laptop with colorful stickers rests on a wood tableYellow sleeping cat illustration