Adios 2022
05.01.23   •   3 min read   •   By Guts
om the GPC map, including a unicorn, matkot, and a falafel
Farewell, 2022.
It's been a strange and unpredictable year, but we made it through with a little creativity and a lot of courage.
To recap last year, here are some of our gutsy highlights:
If tech in 2022 were a bingo card, then Guts agency went a bit overboard and hit every number – from the metaverse, to crypto, to cloud devtools. It doesn’t get more ‘2022’ than this.

To tie up the year, here are 5 super 2022 ways that we grew this year.
Our first big 5 tech company
Did we mention Google Cloud? We created and launched Google Cloud’s awareness campaign in Israel, attracting eyeballs nationwide on Ayalon, Azrieli, and literally everywhere.
Dabbling in devtools
We branded 2 developer tools rooted in AI, ML, cloud, and shift left. These worlds aren’t obvious for us, but we cracked them open and absorbed everything our brains could handle.
Bringing crypto back
Crypto… oh god. What a year. But some companies want to bring crypto back with trust and mainstream appeal, and we began working with one very bright company that’s leveraging cryptographic proofs to solve the catch-22 of privacy and compliance for digital assets.
UX for U, and U, and U too
UX/UI grew to be one of our biggest services this year. We designed systems for clients in medtech, fintech, drones, and the metaverse.
Boosting employee retention
2022 was a paradigm shift for the employer-employee relationship. For a major Israeli company, we ideated and designed an internal employee growth & retention LMS platform.
It's been a year of firsts and growth, and we can't wait to see what new opportunities (and tech!) 2023 holds.